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Tribute to Lynn Lowrey – Remarks by John Fairey

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By : Peckerwood Garden | Apr 28, 2015

Beschorneria septentrionalis

Although this agave-relative had been identified and named in literature in 1987, it represented a rare find to be shared with the world of horticulture.
By : Peckerwood Garden | Dec 25, 2014

The Mystery Magnolia

Searching for plants in the mysterious and magical mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental of Mexico is an arduous and challenging experience, but it is also exhilarating and exciting. It is a layering of time — past, present, and future.
By : Peckerwood Garden | Dec 25, 2014

Pictures of Antiquity

Cycads are woody plants that superficially resemble palms and tree ferns. They are found around the world in both hemispheres in tropical and subtropical zones. Carl M. Schoenfeld details the Dioon edule.
By : Peckerwood Garden | Dec 25, 2014

Expedition to the Edges

Julia Lathrop details an expedition deep into Mexico where she and Mr. Fairey see the native habitat of many plants found in the garden.
By : Peckerwood Garden | Dec 25, 2014

Peckerwood References

A complete, annotated bibliography of articles written about (and photographs taken of) Peckerwood Garden.
By : Peckerwood Garden | Dec 25, 2014
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