Weddings at Peckerwood Garden

Thank you for selecting Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation to host your event.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve you.  We have developed this set of guidelines that are intended to answer many commonly asked questions and to assist you in planning your event.


Enjoy a beautiful private ceremony in an amazing garden. Your intimate gathering can be in the garden at set locations, in the Garden House on the pond, or on the deck of the Garden House.

A refundable deposit of $500 will be collected. There is a non-refundable deposit of $75 for all packages (This counts toward your total cost). An additional deposit of $100 is required for catering (this does not cover food cost.

2-20 people

Small groups of 20 individual and fewer please visit here for pricing details: 2-20

25-60 people

Groups of 25- 50 individuals please visit here for pricing and details: 25-60

(We partner with Ambrosia Crossing if you want an indoor reception location.)

More than 60 people

Groups greater than 50 individuals please visit here for pricing and details: 60 and more

(all groups in this category will be partnered with Ambrosia crossing for the reception, we will host photos and ceremony.)

Wedding FAQ

Do you have questions about our rules? view the FAQ here: Wedding FAQ

General:   Please remember that Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation will remain open to the public during some or all of most events.  We will endeavor to see that our visitors do not interfere with your activities and ask you to reciprocate.  When you make a reservation, you are guaranteed exclusive use of only the reserved space and only during the bloc of rental time.  Common areas, parking, bathrooms, nursery and sidewalks outside are not part of our rentals and should remain free of congestion, decorations and other set-up materials; if you wish to utilize another space for this or other purposes, it must be included in your rental agreement.

All restrictions that apply to gardens visitors also apply to individuals utilizing rental space.  For instance, smoking is not allowed in the garden, in buildings, or near buildings. Running or shouting in the Garden House is prohibited and music (and other noise sources) must be kept to a level that does not disturb visitors or staff.  Children must always be under adult supervision with at least one adult accompanying every five children.

Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation is not responsible for “acts of God,” such as inclement weather, tree falls etc.—that could potentially impact rental activities.  Outdoor rentals are “fair weather” affairs; it is the responsibility of the renting party to make any alternate arrangements (which may include space reservation in the Garden House) in the event of inclement weather.  A non-refundable and non-transferable rental deposit is required to reserve the site of your choice, with the balance due one month before the event. Requested arrangement of chairs and, if applicable, tables are needed no later than one week before the event.