This FAQ answers the questions of a group wanting to tour Peckerwood Garden and/or have lunch with us. We welcome Garden clubs, Master Gardeners, families, business groups, and any other group.
All guests must sign in.

Are the gardens Accessible?

No. There is limited areas that provide accessibility. 

What does it cost?

The group tour fee is $15 per person.

An additional flat fee of $100 is charged for lunch arrangements, in addition to food costs. This must be paid prior to ordering food for the event. You may bring a lunch, but the deposit fee is required either way (we will provide a setup in the garden or the garden house on the deck and can provide disposable utensils if needed.)

A deposit of $75 is necessary to reserve the date and time of the tour. The remaining balance may be paid by cash, check, or credit card on the day of the tour or prior.

How do I pay?

You may pay the deposit online, mail or deliver a check, or call and pay by credit card. 

The balance may be paid onsite the day of the tour or by check or online prior to the tour.

Please pay for the group in 1 charge not individually to limit fees and due to limited staff availability.

Where are you located?

20559 FM 359 rd, Hempstead, TX 77445

Directions to Peckerwood Garden.

When should we come?

View seasonal slideshows here to help you choose a date.

How do we contact you for questions?

For more information, please contact the Office Manager at info@peckerwoodgarden.orgpeckerwoodgar, or 979-826-3232.

Can I bring my pet?

No. Only Service animals are allowed. Pets may not be left in the car.

Can I bring my stroller, wheelchair, walker, etc?

Walkers may be used, we recommend the smaller styles.

Baby strollers are not allowed in the garden due to the delicate and sharp plants and small uneven pathways with steps.

Wheelchairs and scooters are not allowed in the garden due to uneven surfaces, steps, and narrow pathways

Can I take pictures?


Casual photography during a tour or event is always allowed and we welcome you to share them with us and others. We will give credit as you specify for all shared images.

Professional photographers, please schedule and book a session, do not stray from guided tours and events, we are guided tour only.

Can I smoke?

No. We are a non-smoking facility, smoking is allowed only near your vehicle.

Where do I park?

When you enter the gate you are immediately in the parking area. From there, walk down either side to the lower area to sign in and use the restroom. 

What is included?

Each private tour is approximately 1.5 hours long, somewhat longer than an Open Day tour.

We are guided tour only; a docent/volunteer will accompany your group. Please ask all guest to be mindful of the protected nature of the garden.

Restrooms are available but are limited.

1 primary restroom is available, an additional one is in the office, a 3rd is sometimes available in the garden house. Each is single person.

Bottled water is provided

The nursery is open during your visit.

Food is only included if you book a catered lunch.

Catering is available at an additional cost. (Deposit $100 non refundable, lunch is $11-15 per person in addition to the deposit and the tour)

Alcohol may be served but will not be provided by Peckerwood Garden catering services

Catering is buffet style and does not include wait staff.

The catering deposit covers the setup for tables, chairs, and pickup of the lunch if provided: it is due if you bring a lunch also.

Prohibited items

No vehicles are allowed in the garden; they must remain in the parking area.

Food cannot be cooked or grilled onsite.

For the safety of your guests we request that they do not wear high heels. The garden pathways are uneven, sometimes soft, and sometimes narrow. You will be in grass and garden paths not on paved paths.

No damage to the garden, facilities, and the collections included will be tolerated.

Other rules

We are guided tour only; a docent/volunteer will accompany your group. Please ask all guest to be mindful of the protected nature of the garden.

Please do not leave any litter, broken items, or trash in the garden. Containers will be proved for use during your time.

Please be mindful of the unusual collection of plants and understand that no damage to the garden, facilities, or plant collections will be tolerated.

No material may be taken from the garden. This includes seeds, acorns, leaves, cuttings, flowers, etc… unless specifically noted in the tour description by either the Office Manager or the Director of Horticulture.

We welcome the sharing of your images and videos and will share your information with them.

You will be in grass and garden paths not on paved paths. Please do not wear heels and inform other guests.

Can food be served?

Food cannot be cooked on site (such as barbecue) but may be brought in by a caterer for the rental party if the lunch deposit has been paid.

We do not have picnic areas or tables.

Can I rent a porch?

Yes, the porches surrounding the Garden House are included with the rental of the Garden House. This does not include the porches around the home of John Fairey. Your lunch may be held here or in the garden.

Are golf carts available for use?

No vehicles (including limousines, horse-drawn carriages, rickshaws etc.) may proceed beyond the parking area. The bridal carriage may enter the long drive to the area by the residence our our founder John Fairey, but may not leave the drive to enter he garden or grass areas.