Peckerwood Garden Nursery

About the Nursery

A big part of the Peckerwood mission is to make uncommon and distinctive plants available for sale to visitors and other botanical gardens. Our sale plants are propagated from the garden and from plants collected from around the world.

Nursery Access

  • The nursery is open Saturday after the tour.
  • The nursery is also open by appointment only Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • The list below is subject to change and error. Please call to ensure availability.
  • At this time we do not sell seeds.
  • We do not ship.
  • We will take propagation requests on a case by case basis.


CategorySizePricePlant NameDescription
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$25.00Beaucarnea gracilis
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$5.00Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi (lavender scallops)
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$5.00Dasylirion wheeleri (sotol)
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$5.00Echeveria difractens (shatter plant)
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$10.00Echeveria runyonii
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$10.00Echeveria x 'Cubic Frost'
Cacti and Succulents1 gal$10.00Kalanchoe luciae (paddle plant)
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$5.00Kalanchoe marnieriana
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$10.00Ledebouria floribunda
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$5.00Lenophyllum texanum (coastal sedum)
Cacti and Succulents4 inch$5.00Trichocereus pseudocandicans
Fern and Allies1 gal$25.00Adiantum polyphyllum (Giant Maidenhair)
Fern and Allies1 gal$20.00Adiantum sp. Nova wild collected Mexico
Fern and Allies4 inch$5.00Marsilea macropoda (bigfoot water clover)
Fern and Allies4 inch$5.00Marsilea strigosa Aquatic
Fern and Allies1 gal$10.00Microsorum fortunei
Fern and Allies1 gal$15.00Phlebodium pseudoaureum Mexico
Fern and Allies1 gal$10.00Pteris vittata
Fern and Allies4 inch$10.00Pyrrosia hastata trilobed
Fern and Allies1 gal$10.00Pyrrosia lingua (tongue fern)
Fern and Allies1 gal$15.00Selaginella braunii (Braun's arborvitae fern)
Fern and Allies5 gal$30.00Woodwardia orientalis (Oriental Chain Fern)
Rare Collector Plants1 gal$20.00Peliosanthes sp. 'Thai Dwarf'
Rare Collector Plants1 gal$15.00Ruscus hypoglossum (butcher's broom)
Rare Collector Plants4 inch$15.00Trillium gracile
Rare Collector Plants1 gal$25.00Yucca desmettiana 'Blue Boy' (soft leaf yucca)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Ajuga reptans 'Texas Tough' (bugle weed)
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Ajuga reptans 'Texas Tough' (bugle weed)green leaf
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Alocasia cucullata trunk cold hardy
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Amorphophallus konjac
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Asarum splendens (wild ginger)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Aspidistra sichuanensis 'Ginga'
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Aspidistra typica 'Old Glory'
Shade Perrenials2 gal$15.00Beschorneria septentrionalis (false agave)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Bletilla striata (Chinese ground orchid)purple
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Curcuma elata (Hidden Ginger)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$20.00Cymbidium sinense (terrestrial orchid)
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Dentaria diphylla 'American Sweetheart' (crinkleroot toothwort)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Drimiopsis maculata (African false hosta)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Drimiopsis sp. large fleshy leaf
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Eomecon chionantha (snow poppy)
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Eomecon chionantha (snow poppy)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Farfugium japonicum var. giganteum (ligularia)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Farfugium japonicum 'Cristata' (ligularia)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Freesia laxa (painted flower)
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Freesia laxa (painted flower)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Hosta x 'Jurassic Park'
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Kaempferia angustifolia
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Kaempferia pulchra
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Kaempferia pulchra
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Kaempferia rotunda blooms in May
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Mahonia fortunei
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'Dwarf
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Pinellia pedatisecta
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Pinellia tripartita (green dragon)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$5.00Piper auritum (hoja santa)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Piper sp.
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Polygonatum biflorum (Solomon's seal)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Rohdea japonica (Japanese sacred lily)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Rubus moluccanus (Mollucca Raspberry)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$5.00Ruscus aculeatus (butcher's broom)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$20.00Ruscus sp. Not self-fertile
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Salvia roemeriana (cedar sage)
Shade Perrenials4 inch$20.00Sanguinaria canadensis (blood root)Florida provenance
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Saururus chinensis (Lizard's Tail)Aquatic
Shade Perrenials4 inch$10.00Saururus chinensis (Lizard's Tail)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$25.00Scadoxus puniceus
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Scutellaria ovata (heartleaf skullcap)green form
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Thalictrum dasycarpum (meadow rue)
Shade Perrenials3 gal$25.00Thalictrum dasycarpum (meadow rue)
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Thalictrum dasycarpum (meadow rue)black scapes
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Tinantia pringlei (Mexican speckled wandering Jew)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Tradescantia sillamontana
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Tricyrtis formosana 'Gilt Edge' (toad lily)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$15.00Veronicastrum aff. tagawae
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Xanthosoma atrovirens 'Variegatum Monstrosum' (Mickey Mouse taro)
Shade Perrenials4 inch$5.00Xanthosoma atrovirens 'Variegatum Monstrosum' (Mickey Mouse taro)
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Xanthosoma brasiliense
Shade Perrenials1 gal$10.00Zingiber mioga 'Dancing Crane'variegated
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Aechmea recurvata (urn plant)
Sun Perennials4 inch$10.00Allium sp. Navasota, Texas
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Alpinia nutans (Dwarf Cardamom)
Sun Perennials1 gal$20.00Anisacanthus puberulus
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Aristea ecklonii (blue stars)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Artemisia ludoviciana
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Boltonia diffusa (Smallhead Doll's Daisy)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Caesalpinia mexicana (Mexican bird of paradise)
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Chrysactinia mexicana (Damianita)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Clerodendrum paniculatum (Pagoda Flower)
Sun Perennials1 gal$15.00Clitoria sp. Mexico
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Conradina canescens
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Coreopsis lanceolata
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Crinum asiaticum dark red leaf, white flower with red stripe
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Crinum oliganthum 'West Indies Mini'
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Dicliptera sericea
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Dyschoriste linearis (snake herb)
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Dyschoriste sp. (snake herb)Mexico collection
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Echeandia texensis
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Engelmannia peristenia (Engelmann's daisy)
Sun Perennials1 gal$20.00Excoecaria cochinchinensis
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Ficus johannis subsp. afghanistanica
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Hamelia patens
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Helianthus mollis (sunflower)Mexico
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Hemerocallis x 'Red Ribs'
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Hibiscus aculeatus (pineland hibiscus)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Hippeastrum parodii
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Hymenocallis maximiliani
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Justicia fulvicoma (orange shrimp plant)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Justicia spicigera
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Lepechinia hastata (Mexican pitcher sage)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Melochia tomentosa (tea wood)
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Monarda fistulosa (Bee Balm)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Muehlenbeckia platyclados (Tapeworm Plant)
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Pavonia lasiopetala
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Pavonia missionum red flower
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Penstemon tenuis (gulf coast penstemon)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Poliomintha longiflora (Mexican Oregano)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Rhodophiala bifida (oxblood lily)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Rudbeckia maxima (giant coneflower)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Ruellia elegans (elegant ruellia)
Sun Perennials4 inch$15.00Russelia sp. Mexico. Pink and white flowers
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Salvia blepharophylla Mexico
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Salvia lyrata 'Juniper Springs'
Sun Perennials1 gal$15.00Salvia microphylla 'San Carlos Festival'San Carlos Mountains, Mexico
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Salvia microphylla 'San Carlos Festival'
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Salvia pansamalensis (Belize Sage)
Sun Perennials1 gal$15.00Scadoxus multiflorus
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Spiraea prunifolia var. pseudoprunifolia Taiwan
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Stemodia lanata
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Symphyotrichum oblongifolium 'Fanny'
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Tagetes lemmonii (copper canyon daisy)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Tagetes lucida (Mexican tarragon)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Teucrium cubense small white flower
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Tibouchina sp.
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Wedelia hispida (Zexmenia)
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Yeatesia platystegia (Montell Bractspike)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Zamia floridana (coontie)
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Zephyranthes drummondii (rain lily)White flower
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Zephyranthes drummondii (rain lily)mixed
Sun Perennials1 gal$10.00Zephyranthes sp. mixed
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Zephyranthes sp. mixed
Sun Perennials4 inch$5.00Zephyranthes x 'La Bufa Rosa'
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$30.00Acer buergerianum var. formosanum
Trees and Shrubs3 gal$20.00Acer coriaceifolium
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$30.00Acer oliverianum subsp. formosanum
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Aesculus pavia (red buckeye)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Alangium chinense
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Aloysia virgata (almond verbena)
Trees and Shrubs4 inch$5.00Aloysia virgata (almond verbena)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Amyris madrensis (mountain torchwood)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Amyris texana (Torchwood)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Bauhinia bartlettii
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Bauhinia galpinii
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Bauhinia ramosissima
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Buddleja sessiliflora (Rio Grande butterfly-bush)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Buddleja x 'Orange Scepter'
Trees and Shrubs2 gal$20.00Butia capitata (pindo palm)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Buxus harlandii
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Buxus sempervirens 'Unravelled'
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Calliandra x californica x eriophylla
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Callicarpa acuminata Mexico
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Callicarpa americana 'Alba' (American Beauty Berry)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Callicarpa ferruginea Cuba
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Callicarpa kwangtungensis
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Callicarpa rubella
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Callicarpa salicifolia
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Callicarpa shikokiana
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Callicarpa sp. Taiwan collection. Tall cascading with wine colored berries
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$30.00Calocedrus macrolepis
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Casimiroa pringlei (sapote)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Cephalotaxus fortunei
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Cephalotaxus x
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Chamaedorea radicalis (Dwarf Feather Palm)
Trees and Shrubs4 inch$10.00Chamaedorea radicalis (Dwarf Feather Palm)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Chimonanthus nitens
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Clethra pringlei Lynn Lowrey, Corona River
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Cryptomeria japonica 'Tansu'
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Cupressus chengiana
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Cupressus lusitanica
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$30.00Cycas panzhihuaensis
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Cyrilla racemiflora (Titi Tree)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Daphniphyllum calycinum
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Daphniphyllum pentandrum
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Daphniphyllum teysmannii
Trees and Shrubs3 gal$25.00Distylium racemosum (isu tree)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Ehretia anacua (sandpaper leaf)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Ehretia dicksonii
Trees and Shrubs2 gal$15.00Ehretia dicksonii
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Erythrina bidwillii
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Ficus gasparriniana var. laceratifolia (Christmas fig)
Trees and Shrubs4 inch$10.00Ficus gasparriniana var. laceratifolia (Christmas fig)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Ficus religiosa (Bo Tree)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Ficus tannoensis
Trees and Shrubs3 gal$25.00Grevillea robusta
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Hibiscus hamabo Fryxell verified
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Hibiscus mutabilis (Confederate Rose Mallow)X taiwaniana
Trees and Shrubs4 inch$5.00Ilex cassine
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Illicium parviflorum 'Forest Green'
Trees and Shrubs3 gal$15.00Illicium parviflorum 'Forest Green'
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Litsea japonica
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Machilus thunbergii
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Magnolia coco
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Magnolia tamaulipana
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Mahonia gracilis
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Mallotus japonicus
Trees and Shrubs2 gal$15.00Mallotus japonicus
Trees and Shrubs5 gal$20.00Mallotus japonicus
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Malpighia glabra compact form
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$30.00Malus doumeri var. formosana Asian crabapple
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Myrcianthes fragrans (Simpson's stopper)
Trees and Shrubs3 gal$25.00Myrcianthes fragrans (Simpson's stopper)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Myrica cerifera 'Emperor'
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Myrospermum sousanum (arroyo sweetwood)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Nageia nagi
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Nectandra salicifolia
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Philadelphus sp. (Mexican mock orange)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Phoebe chekiangensis
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Pittosporum parvilimbum
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$30.00Podocarpus matudae
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$50.00Polyspora hainanensis
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Populus deltoides 'Purple Tower'
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Prunus caroliniana
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Pseudobombax ellipticum (shaving brush tree)
Trees and Shrubs4 inch$5.00Pseudobombax ellipticum (shaving brush tree)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Quercus acutissima (sawtooth oak)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$75.00Quercus corrugata
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Quercus galeanensis
Trees and Shrubs4 inch$5.00Quercus galeanensis
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Quercus glauca (Japanese blue oak)
Trees and Shrubs4 inch$20.00Quercus laeta
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Quercus polymorpha (Monterrey oak)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Quercus rysophylla (loquat oak)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Quercus sp. 'San Carlos'
Trees and Shrubs2 gal$15.00Quercus sp. San Carlos Mountains, Mexico
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Randia sp. (indigo berry)white berry; very cold hardy
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Roldana aschenborniana Mexico collection
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Sabal x brazoriensis (Brazoria palm)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Sabal guatemalensis
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Sabal tamaulipas
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Styrax japonicus
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$20.00Thujopsis dolabrata (hiba)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Tilia caroliniana (Basswood)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$40.00Torreya taxifolia
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Ungnadia speciosa (horse chestnut)
Trees and Shrubs3 gal$25.00Viburnum obovatum (Walter's viburnum)
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$15.00Viburnum propinquum
Trees and Shrubs1 gal$10.00Wikstroemia indica
Tropicals1 gal$10.00Carica papaya (Papaya)
Tropicals1 gal$15.00Ficus natalensis
Tropicals4 inch$15.00Lomatia Myricoides
Tropicals1 gal$25.00Podocarpus costalis
Vines4 inch$5.00Akebia quinata (chocolate vine)
Vines1 gal$10.00Aristolochia fimbriata (butterfly vine)
Vines4 inch$10.00Aristolochia watsonii
Vines1 gal$10.00Bauhinia yunnanensis
Vines4 inch$5.00Camptosema sp. red flower
Vines1 gal$10.00Ficus tikoua
Vines1 gal$10.00Fridericia sp.
Vines1 gal$10.00Schizophragma hydrangeoides