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Wedding FAQ

What is included?

Power is available in the Garden House only, ceremonies located in the garden will need to plan accordingly.

Restrooms are available but are limited.

The bride may use the Garden House to prepare for the ceremony in the garden.

We have 2 10×30 tents and 1 20×30 tent available for rent. No equipment may be used that leaves holes in the garden.

Catering is available at an additional cost. Alcohol may be served but will not be provided by Peckerwood Garden catering services

Catering is buffet style and does not include wait staff.

Prohibited items

No vehicles are allowed in the garden; they must remain in the parking area.

We are a non-smoking facility, smoking is allowed only near your vehicle.

Food cannot be cooked or grilled onsite.

There is no podium available.

For the safety of your guests we request that they do not wear high heels. The garden pathways are uneven, sometimes soft, and sometimes narrow. You will be in grass and garden paths not on paved paths.

No display or tents may be used that leave holes in the garden

No damage to the garden, facilities, and the collections included will be tolerated.

Other rules

We are guided tour only; a docent/volunteer will accompany your group. Please ask all guest to be mindful of the protected nature of the garden.

Please do not leave any litter, broken items, or trash in the garden. Containers will be proved for use during the event.

Please be mindful of the unusual collection of plants and understand that no damage to the garden, facilities, or plant collections will be tolerated.

Outside vendors must be approved by Peckerwood Garden.

You may use bubbles for the send off.

You will be in grass and garden paths not on paved paths. Please do not wear heals and do inform the guests.

When can we enter?

Activities related to the rental (including those of the caterers, decorators, etc.) begin during your scheduled rental time.

Are alcoholic beverages permitted?

Yes, with notification.

Are there restrictions on decorations and staging?

All decorations must be placed and removed within the rental time bloc.

Nothing should be attached to walls, trees, or other garden facilities or plantings.

Candles may be used as part of a ceremony but cannot be placed along walkways, porches, in and around the building or common areas. No other use of fire or fireworks is permitted.

Glitter, rice, birdseed and confetti are prohibited but bubbles are allowed.

Canopies, tents and other temporary structures that require ground stakes are not allowed. It is the responsibility of the renting party to see that the event coordinator, caterer or the rental company abide by these guidelines.

Can food be served?

Food cannot be cooked on site (such as barbecue) but may be brought in by a caterer or the rental party.

Can I rent a porch?

Yes, the porches surrounding the Garden House are included with the rental of the Garden House.

When must rental facilities be vacated?

At the end of the bloc of rental time. Activities related to the rental (including those of caterers, decoration removal, etc.) that continue beyond scheduled rental time will incur a $200/hour charge that will be deducted from the refundable damage/overtime deposit.

The parking lot must be vacated within 15 minutes of the termination of an evening event so our staff may lock the gates. No vehicles may be left overnight. No one involved with a rental, including decorators, may be outside in the gardens after dark.

What about clean-up?

All decorations should be removed and the room(s) and outside facilities left as you found them. Trash and recyclables should be left for disposal by our staff. This does not include large cardboard boxes and food preparation materials which must be removed by the rental party or caterer. 

Is there an additional charge for holding a rehearsal or entering Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation for other planning purposes?

Rehearsals can be scheduled up to one month in advance of the rental at no additional charge. The rehearsal must work around other rentals and events and take place during our regular hours of operation. Please remember that Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation closes at 5 p.m unless specific appointment is made for another time.

Are golf carts available for use?

No vehicles (including limousines, horse-drawn carriages, rickshaws etc.) may proceed beyond the parking area. The bridal carriage may enter the long drive to the area by the residence our our founder John Fairey, but may not leave the drive to enter he garden or grass areas.

Are the gardens Accessible?

No. There is limited areas that provide accessibility. If you use the arboretum, the access is greatest and there will be no stairs or narrow paths to contend with.