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New Plant Tags in the Garden

Existing Accessioning tags

Have you ever been on a tour at Peckerwood and wondered what all those other intriguing plants are that weren’t covered by the docent? Or perhaps you are a docent-in-training and are overwhelmed with the wealth of species to learn? One of the most critical features of a botanical garden is to have the plants clearly identified, and it has long been a goal to get all the plants at Peckerwood labeled for easy reference. After much research and advice from others, we’ve settled on metal markers from Kinkaid Plant Markers

New labels for easy viewing and coordination with existing Accessioning tags.

These stainless steel tags won’t shatter when hit by a weed eater or be gnawed on by squirrels like the plastic engraved tags. They are surprisingly economical, with the label being generated by a Brother label maker, which is weather/UV resistant for many years. The twin-prong stake design prevents rotating in the ground, keeping the label always facing in the right direction. If you have a plant collection in need of attractive labels (who doesn’t?) this is by far the best option. They provide discounts for orders from garden clubs too! We’ve started labeling key plants along the main tour routes and will expand from there. This is a major advancement for Peckerwood!